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Salsa, Tomato Juice, and Blackberry Jam

I finally got around to a little canning this summer! We have been super busy with kids, work, and life in general. Today I put up some salsa, tomato juice, and blackberry jam. Yum! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on … Continue reading

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How to Make Strawberry Jam

Strawberries are one of my many favorite things about summer. Aside from eating them fresh, these sweet little red berries are perfect for pies, smoothies, jams and jellies, cheesecakes, shortcakes, and drizzled in chocolate! Due to critters (and a certain … Continue reading

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The Garden is Planted!

Wow! We have been busy these last few weeks! Between raising two kiddos, working full time, assisting my husband with his business, and getting the garden planted we’ve barely had time to eat and sleep! But I have to admit … Continue reading

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Traditional Morel Mushroom Recipe

Every Spring we look forward to heading out into the woods and foraging for wild morel mushrooms. Mushroom season usually peaks around the end of April where we live but the season got off to an early start this year. … Continue reading

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Jack Spirko at the 2012 Liberty Forum

I credit Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast for my interest in becoming more self-sufficient. I began listening to his podcast in late 2010 when I did a google search on “Fall Gardening”. After listening to him talk about the … Continue reading

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How to Freeze and Store Asparagus

Spring is almost here! With spring comes beautiful flowers, singing birds and great deals on asparagus! I know, I know, I should really be growing my own asparagus and I will, but I just haven’t yet (one thing at a … Continue reading

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Food Safety in a Power Outage

It is almost Spring and we all know what that means. No, not flowers, storms! And with severe spring weather come power outages. So when the power goes out exactly how long until your food starts to spoil? Is that milk still … Continue reading

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Water Purification and Storage – An Interview with Jeff Gleason, The Berkey Guy

A reader recently asked me for information about the Berkey Water Purification System. While I have heard many great things about Berkey I do not own one myself. So I emailed Jeff Gleason, aka The Berkey Guy, to do an … Continue reading

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Organizing Your Important Documents

Have you prepared for the inevitable? I’m over at Hillbilly Mom today discussing how to oranize all of your important documents: Do you know where all of your important documents are? Do you have a will? How about a Power … Continue reading

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30 Signs that the Middle Class is Dying

While listening to The Survival Podcast, episode 817, I listened to the following video. This is a video from Freedomain Radio explaining the 30 signs that the middle class is dying. Scary stuff (and all the more reason to be … Continue reading

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