Goals for 2012 – An Update

Here is an update on how I’m doing with the goals I set for myself this year.

Instead of one big resolution (which I probably wouldn’t keep anyway) I committed to smaller, more manageable goals this year. My goals are spread out in different areas of my life. Some will be easier than others but the important thing is that they are all doable.


  • Complete quick tasks immediately rather than let them pile up. I was making progress but need to refocus!
  • Take 10-15 minutes each evening to put away clutter. I manage to clean up at least the kitchen each evening.
  • Plant an herb garden. Done!
  • Enlarge our current garden plot to increase our food production. Working on this now that the weather is warmer.
  • Complete the six projects for 2012 I have listed here. Two of the six completed with success! Will be making baby food before we know it!


  • Read one book a month from my 2012 reading list. I’m doing really well with this, have read 5 off the list and working on number 6 now!
  • Have a monthly date night with my husband. We’ve managed a few dates but need to go on another one soon!
  • Have a monthly get-together with my girlfriends. I went out with the girlfriends a couple weeks ago. We had a great time!
  • Eat more whole and local foods. We are doing great with this most of the time. Now that we’re heading into growing season we’ll be eating more local fruits and veggies!
  • Be more patient with my daughter. Practice self-discipline and control my frustrations. It’s getting easier but we still have our moments.
  • Conquer potty training! Done!!!!!!!!


  • After maternity leave, recommit to monthly savings/debt repayment goals. Yes! Back in the swing of things! My last student loan will be paid off soon!
  • Commit to weekly meal planning to help with grocery budget. I’m failing miserably at this goal!
  • Continue using a monthly written budget. Yes!


  • Plan blog posts one month in advance. Fell off the wagon :(
  • Write blog posts one week in advance. Not since going back to work. I need to schedule some time each week to dedicate to writing!
  • Network with other bloggers to increase readership. Have met a lot of great people on Facebook, love the community and all the love and support!
  • Host one giveaway each quarter. I’m actually removing this from my goals for this year. I’m finding my time is very limited these days so I have to prioritize.

What goals have you set for yourself in 2012? How are you doing with achieving your goals?

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4 Responses to Goals for 2012 – An Update

  1. Sherri says:

    That’s quite an impressive list of goals there! I’m a little envious that you’ve conquered potty training. We’re still in the thick of it with our daughter. I also had a goal to do more meal planning and I’m failing at that one too.

  2. I think that you’re actually on the right track with most of your goals. It’s better to have even a few little changes rather than nothing at all right? Well, I have few goals for 2012 as well, and so far, I’ve accomplish one of my biggest goal – to lose weight. From Large size, I’m now down to Medium. Yay and still working on it! :)
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