Projects for 2012

Crystal over at Money Saving Mom recently posted twelve projects she wants to complete in 2012. She set the same goal for herself in 2011 and had great results (see her 2011 post here)! I felt inspired by her success and decided to create my own list of projects for 2012. Since we will have a toddler and a newborn in the house (and we’ll both be working full time) I decided to keep my list to six projects instead of twelve. I can always add to the list later if time permits :)

  1. Make a Vision Board - I’m going to place it in my bathroom so I can see it everyday. I believe that when you visualize your goals each day you are more apt to find ways to achieve them. By seeing my goals in front of me everyday I will keep them front and center in my mind. I already write down my goals, this will just put them in visual form using images.
  2. Bake Bread from my new book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.
  3. Make Homemade Soap – I’m still researching recipes for this one. If anyone has any good recipes they would like to share please post them in the comments!
  4. Make Homemade Baby Food - I wanted to do this with Aeva and ended up buying organic baby food due to time constraints. With this baby I am going to plan ahead and make it a priority. I was given a Baby Bullet for Christmas which should make the whole process pretty simple!
  5. Make Hummus – preferably Roasted-Red Pepper Hummus!
  6. Make Navratan Korma, my absolute favorite Indian dish! I’ve attempted this dish once before with little success. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again (especially when the result could be one of your favorite dishes!).

A few projects that I did last year that I plan to do again:

What projects are on your list for 2012?

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7 Responses to Projects for 2012

  1. MamaHen says:

    I bet you are going to love blackberry jam. It is so good homemade. I am going to go check out your homemade hot sauce. My hubby and boys love it.

    • Britni says:

      I love blackberry and raspberry but have never made my own. I think it will be a fun project.
      The hot sauce was very easy to make and we are still eating it. I only made two small jars so we didn’t can it. It should be good for at least a year in the fridge! I want to make it again using different pepper varieties this summer :)

  2. Fritz says:

    I don’t have the 5 minute bread book yet, but I’ve made the basic recipe several times and did a blog post about it. Quite the time saver. I plan on buying the book, I just haven’t gotten around to it.

    I haven’t made hot sauce before, but I’m giving that a shot this year also.

    • Britni says:

      I think you’ll really like the hot sauce, it was sooo easy to make! I’m going to try it again this summer using different varieties of peppers.
      Once I get home from the birth of our son I plan on jumping into bread making. The book is really neat, full of what looks like delicious recipes!

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